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Clean Cuts Home Grooming has been established since October 2005, it was started by Tracy.  It is a professional mobile dog grooming service with a difference. The difference being that unlike other 'mobile' services I actually groom your dog INSIDE YOUR HOME.

Grooming inside your home means that your dog is comfortable with its' surroundings it also allows you to stay with him/her whilst they are spruced up, comforting them further. This service is particularly helpful for dogs with nervous dispositions or with conditions such as rheumatism or arthritis who maybe wouldn't get the love, time and attention they deserve in a parlour.

I can provide all services from clipping/stripping your dog all the way, to just trimming their nails.

Take a look at the rest of my site, it details all my services and justifies my reasons for the way I operate.

For your general informtaion I have included a section on common parasites of the dog.


If  you've seen enough already and think your dog would benefit from this service give me a call on

                                                       01395 270943 or 07724409340

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