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CLIPPING- Clipping is a process that involves a pair of heavy duty clippers to clip your dogs hair to the required length.  

STRIPPING- Stripping is a process of removing the dead hair by pulling it out, this does not hurt the dog as only the dead hair is  removed.   This  process can only be carried out on certain breeds such as the Border terrier and only at certain times of the year when the coat is shedding. If you would like your dog to be stripped they must not have been clipped for at least a year preferably not been clipped before at all.

BRUSHING- This is removing the undercoat and dead hair from the dog promoting healthy shiny fur and good skin. On most breeds I use a special brush called the FURMINATOR as far as I am aware I am the only local groomer to use this product, I wouldn't use any other as the results are amazing. For more information about this product visit the local numbers section and you will find a direct link to the furminator website.

SCISSORING- This is just really to tidy up, it's good if the coat is a length you can cope with, scissoring tidiesScissors up the feathers (back of legs) and the skirt (underbelly). Some examples of breeds that would benefit form scissoring include Collies and German Shepherds.etc.

BATHING -This consists of 2 shampoos followed by a conditioner. I have special shampoos for sensitive skin which contain tea tree oil and other shampoos depending on the type of coat. 

 DRYING- This is done using an ordinary hairdryer, I do have a big combi dryer but I have found it to be too loud and powerful and frightens some dogs. Although it takes longer I would rather the dog is happy. I DO NOT use cage dryers as I don't think they give the dog any freedom and are quite intimidating.

NAIL TRIMMING-This is done with strong nail clippers. White nails are much easier than black nails to cut as with white nails you can see the quick. Black nails you have to be much more careful with and just cut little bits at a time until they are a suitable length. Ususally your dogs nails will wear down naturally with regular pavement exercise but sometimes they grow extremly fast or your dog doesn't get exercised on hard surfaces which is when they would need to be cut.

 EAR PLUCKING- This is only carried out if needed or specified. This is the process of pulling out the hair that goes down the ear canal, a couple of bits at a time with ear forceps. This is not necessary in all breeds but is quite common in breeds such as the Shih Tzu.

 EAR CLEANING- I clean ears if they smell or if a waxy discharge is present, I use a ointment that you drop into the ear and it removes the wax. This is not something I do very often as the majority of dogs don't suffer with ear problems. I have to agree with the motto, 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'.

These services can be offered as a package or individually!   Grooming table

I hope you find my explanation of the services I offer useful, I provide all the equipment needed including towels and a portable table which can be set up somewhere convienient.  The only I thing I need to use is your bath, I put bath mats in the bath to prevent scratching.    When I have finished grooming your dog I will clean up any hair that might have dropped and will make sure eveyrthing is as clean as before I started.  

Please be assured- My equipment is sterilised using an ultra violet light steriliser.

N.B. I do not offer tooth descaling as I believe this is something that should be done by your vet.

I also do not squeeze anal glands. The reason for this is anal glands can easily get infected. I dont beleive in emptying the anal glands as part of a full groom because they do not need to be squeezed unless they are causing a problem. The more they are squeezed the more frequently they will fill and need to be squeezed again. This is not a very comfortable process for a dog to endure. If you do suspect your dog has a problem with their anal glands, please see your vet.

Details of local vets can be found on the 'local numbers' section. 

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