The big question is why home grooming?


I firmly believe that dogs should be contented and not frightened by the prospect of a strange environment.

The experience of having their hair cut can be a scary one for some dogs, why not make it a little less scary and do it in their home rather then taking them completely out of their comfort zone and leaving them with complete strangers.


  • I decided on home grooming as it is better for the dog. Personally I would much rather be in a nice cosy shop instead of lugging my equipment in and out of the car, to and fro peoples houses, but by doing that I would not be implementing what I believe in. Therefore I put the needs of the dogs before my own in order to make them comfortable.


  • Another reason for home grooming is that there are so many people that call themselves 'home' groomers or 'mobile' groomers but usually they don't do exactly what it says on the tin. ie. They may bring a van to your house and work in there, or take your dog to their home. These jeapordise the whole point of home grooming which is to operate in YOUR home. I like to think I do exactly what I advertise, no ifs, no buts, just plain and simple grooming in your home.


  • I believe that the way I operate really helps dogs. Especailly those with condidtions such as Rheumatism or Arthritis. Being with them in their surroundings means no change in temperature for them and no stress. I also believe I can offer a real one to one session with your dog. I have no time limits to adhere to (I  give rough estimates of time, if there is to be a long delay you will be contacted) so if your dog needs that little extra time that's what they will receive. A parlour on the other hand may not be able to offer that sort of one to one service.


  • Its easier for you, I know it's a pain having to hang around in town for a couple of hours or waiting somewhere. Now there's no need. as I come to you. I will do my best to fit around your schedule. If it really is that hectic I don't mind being introduced to your dog and you popping off back to work.


  • The final reason I provide a home grooming service is that you can stay with your dog if you wish whilst they are being groomed. I've heard the saying so many times 'you never know what goes on behind closed doors' and that is very true. With me you see everything and you may stay with me during the whole process.
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